Take Control& Charge

Take control and take charge of your and your critically ill loved ones destiny 

Having a critically ill loved one in Intensive Care is a challenging and difficult situation to be in and it’s very likely that you feel frustrated, fearful and overwhelmed. I know that you are struggling and that you feel vulnerable. You feel out of control and out of your comfort zone.

You feel like other people are making decisions for you and most of all for your critically ill loved one. You might feel like the health professionals in Intensive Care are talking at you or over you, rather than engaging in a dialogue with you and your Family. You have lots of questions, you don’t know where to start and you seem to be unable to think clearly.

You feel like you have no or very little control over the situation, you feel powerless and you seem unable to influence decision making. Furthermore, you and your Family are mentally unprepared for this massive challenge that life has thrown at you. You are mentally not well positioned to have influence, control and power in this challenging situation.

INTENSIVE CARE HOTLINE wants to give you proven strategies how you can gain more influence, control and more power in a situation where you and your family most likely feel out of your comfort zone.

In this section you

  • learn ‘behind the scenes’ secrets, dynamics and movements fast, that you must know in order to effectively influence decision making
  • learn how to have control fast
  • learn how to have power fast
  • learn how to influence decision making fast
  • learn how to position yourself well mentally fast, so that you are mentally strong to deal with whatever this challenging situation is throwing at you, at your Family and at your critically ill loved one
  • effectively deal with end of life situations
  • effectively deal with challenges such as your critically ill loved being disabled or requiring ongoing nursing care
  • learn how you can avoid mistakes that you are making that make your and your critically ill loved ones situation worse
  • learn what to do if your critically ill loved one is a long-term Patient in Intensive Care

The things that you are learning in this section are secrets that health professionals in Intensive Care are not telling you and those secrets will give you an edge, so that you can influence decision making, so that you have control and power. By quickly learning important insights about the world of Intensive Care you’ll find yourself in a position where you feel strong, in control, powerful and you feel mentally well prepared for whatever the situation is throwing at you, even if you and your Family have to deal with end of life decision making in the intensive care unit.

I hope that you have already downloaded our “instant impact” report and that you have had a read there. Just by reading this report you should already feel more powerful and more in control of the situation.

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